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A bill of sale for a grain elevator sold by Strong & Dowler to Parrish & Heimbecker. 
The selling price was $2400.00.

Picture from 1920s.


Jan 31, 1920


A contract to construct an elevator with bin capacity of 30,000 bushels between Canadian Northern Railways and Parrish & Heimbecker.

Cost to build $15, 183.20 which included Feed Shed, Crusher and Coal Shed.


Aug 1920


Lease of elevator site signed between The Canadian Northern Railway Co. and Parrish & Heimbecker Ltd. Annual Lease $10.00/year


Also a separate lease for the coal shed site was signed at this time. 


Annual Lease $10.00/year


Paying Agent was the Merchant Bank in Stettler.


Competition: CPR - Alta Pacific & UG Growers, CNR Home Grain

Picture from 1930s


A P&H Elevator in Stettler had a fire.


An article in the Stettler Independent indicated a new P&H elevator was built on the CN tracks.


Coal Shed



The coal shed was no longer used for coal as natural gas had come to town.

Picture from 1942.


Feed mill and the first section of the feed shed were constructed.

No picture available.


Feed Shed expanded.


Annex built.

No picture available.


Present office built.

No picture available.


Feed Mill closed.

Picture from 1989.


Notice the color of the elevator.

In 1991, the color of the elevator changed to P&H new color "Harvest Gold".

No picture available.


Jan. 3, 2003


Elevator closed for business.


Negotiations with P&H started.

2004 Elevator


July 2004


Complex purchased from P&H.

2005 Elevator


April 8, 2005


Meeting to determine community interest.


Jun 10, 2005    


First organizational meeting

Sept, 2005


Stettler P&H Elevator Preservation Society formed


Volunteer Activities:


Clean up of Elevator Complex.

Booth in the Stettler Centennial as well as floats in both Erskine and Stettler Parades.

Coal shed restoration started - shingling, repair siding.

Metal siding on the west side of the feed mill repaired.

Coffee Shop Started. Weekday mornings from 9 to 11. Volunteers served coffee and snacks.

Fall Open House

Christmas Party - attendance: 40. Vic Stuckey read cowboy poetry, Lloyd Smith sang and Harry Stuber shared his experiences with the Big Valley Elevator.

2006 Elevator


May 13, 2006

Garage Sale


June, 2006


Alberta Historical Resources Foundation Matching Grant received.


School Tour - over 80 elementary students toured the elevator.


Purchase of Elevator Map of Alberta, the Vanishing Sentinels, created by Jim Pearson from Delia.


Volunteer Activities:


Coal shed painted
Display case made
Roof - West side of feedmill
Feed Mill east wall

Table at Stettler Farmer's Market


Summer Membership count is now at 64 with 10 Lifetime members and 54 annual members.


Winter Membership count is now at 75 with 11 Lifetime members. 7 early birds have paid 2007 memberships.

2007 Elevator


Jan 16, 2007 Christmas Party

Apr 14 &15, 2007 Stettler Trade Show

April 20, 2007  Annual Meeting

May 12, 2007  Garage Sale

Aug 18, 2007  Special Work Bee

Nov 17, 2007  Open House

First Pick Cranes removed the old platform from the top of the feedmill, 
removed signs from the feedmill, 
removed part of the roof and wall from the feed shed and several other tasks

Feed Mill east wall
Feed Mill east roof
Feed shed walls and roof
Feed shed floor


School Tour -Stettler Elementary Kindergarten class toured the elevator.


Received generous donation from Parrish & Heimbecker Ltd. 


Coffee Stop - Craig Hague hosts the Coffee Stop on Tuesday, Lloyd Smith hosts the Coffee Stop on Wednesday which the bus drivers attend, Joyce and Vic Stuckey host the Coffee Stop on Thursday.


2008 Elevator


Jan, 2008        

Casino Application approved.

Jan 18, 2008  

Christmas Party at The Club Café, 46 attended.


April 8, 2008    Annual Meeting


April 11-13, 2008

Stettler Trade Show booth


May 17-18, 2008

3rd Annual Garage Sale


Volunteer Activities:


Feed Mill east roof

Feed shed floor

2009 Elevator


Jan 16, 2009  

Christmas Party at

Stettler Golf & Country Club

March, 2009    Charitable Status obtained

April, 2009       Annual Meeting


Volunteer Activities:


Entrance to elevator
Feed Mill drive through door


Community Spirit grant received.

2010 Elevator


Nov, 2010


Kick-off of our shingle drive included an open house and Q14 Radio personality A.J. Keller broadcasting from the top of the elevator.


Volunteer Activities:

Roof - West side of feedmill
Feed Mill siding repaired and roof rebuilt
Shur-Gain sign restored and remounted.
Finish floor in Scale room
Install window in Feed Mill upper level
Clean grain chutes, "Weigh out scale" area and leg


Community Spirit grant received.


Applied for grant under "Community Facility Enhancement Program"


2011 Elevator


Jan 14, 2011  

Christmas Party canceled due to storm


Volunteer Activities:


Elevator and Feed Mill roofs re-shingled

Rear Feed Mill drive through door

Tool room

Powerhouse door replaced

Sunalta office moved

2012 Elevator


Christmas Party

Started Paint the Elevator campaign

Started Snack Bar

Stettler Trade Show booth

Participated in Stettler Parade

Sponsored Gary Fjellgaard concert for fund raiser

Held Pancake Breakfast in Sept.


Volunteer Activities:


Electrical upgrades

Wagon life made operational

Feed Shed wall worked on

2013 Elevator


Christmas Party

Stettler Trade Show booth

Participated in Stettler Parade

Jointly hosted Lousiana Hayride as a fund raiser


Volunteer Activities:


Reconstruction of Little Giant started

Reside and repaint the Elevator

New roof on Sunalta Office

Little Giant

Little Giant

2013 Special Project - Little Giant

Elevator Model


Special Project: 10HP International 1912 Elevator Engine.

Construction of the Little Giant Shed.


Pancake Breakfast

Celebration Supper

Mural is to go on the east wall of the Little Giant shed.


Plans for the future


Paint mural on the Little Giant shed.

Begin construction of the Feed shed addition.

Complete fire alarm and security system.


Social Events


Pancake breakfast - May 31

Harvest Supper - August


Repaired main elevator doors.

Remodeled office bathroom and basement storage area.

Set up Feed Mill Memorial Wall.

Visited Searle Grain Elevator in Rowley, AB.

Attended Stettler Parade.

Held Harvest Supper.

Operated Snack Bar at Train Station.


Foundation laid for addition.

Siding painted for feed shed.

Booth at the Stettler Trade Show.

Cleaned out Coal Shed.

Held school tours.

Harvest Supper and Pancake Breakfast.

Entry in Stettler Parade.

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